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At the Edge of the Waterfall


“A thing may happen and be a total lie;

another thing may not happen and be truer

than the truth.” ― Tim O'Brien, The Things They Carried

The last episode brought me to the edge

of a slippery waterfall, a rain slicked curve,

the moment a riptide takes away one’s will,

but I was probably too sick then, on my back

in the hospital bed of an easy life, too weak

of mind to dive deep enough into murky waters

to stop believing that survival in the ICU

is not a cheesey Hallmark serial titled

Everything Will Be Better in the Morning.

In this remake, 2 years later, head full of fever

and snot in a B version of the original, I’m more

lumpy cushion on a couch than man on a deathbed,

yet now the same Covid fog is pierced by cinematic

flashbacks (oxygen masks, IVs, beeping monitors),

the blinking lights of the tv becoming triggers

to slip into into some Wes Craven horror film

of my own making, where logic, reason, good

sense, science, don’t stand a chance against

the slick algae-covered rocks at the edge

of the endless waterfall of memory.

—SL, October 2022, New Paltz, NY

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Larry Winters
Larry Winters
Oct 13, 2022


Of course you get my attention with Tim O'B who has also become a guide post for me to navigate the land of words. The truth that ties itself like tree roots around rocks sometimes can only be seen when our heads and eyes are forced to look at where we are all going. I believe that the wisdom we struggle swallowing durning these times is just that wisdom.




Oct 11, 2022

It's tough this covid. I am happy you got to write the poem my friend.




Oct 11, 2022

beautiful and be well.

also my mood right now: "... where logic, reason, good sense, science, don’t stand a chance ..."

Oct 11, 2022
Replying to

Thanks, Bill! Hope you and Susan are well.

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