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I can feel you standing there / But I don't see you anywhere


Side 1, Track 6

I can feel you standing there

But I don't see you anywhere

Looking back, which turns out is easier

than looking ahead, the two of us are

waving from the long front porch,

watching each of you leave—proms,

college, marriage, Christmas, babies,

turning in the circle, passing behind

maple and pine trees, as one then

another then another disappears down

the long shale drive, taillights fading

around the bend as we turn and step back

into the well worn home, your impressions

still in sofa cushions, faces going up the stairs

disembodied voices, music, drifting down

into the kitchen, crumbs and wine bottle

rings on the butcher block counter, phone

hanging the wall, long white cord twisted

into itself, nine empty chairs around the pine

table, and out the bay window a pair

of cardinals at the feeder, red-tailed hawk

perched on top of the swingset, green

swings dangling in an unseen breeze.

–SL, Port Royal, SC, Feb. 2022

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26 feb 2022

Love this, Made me feel happy and content.

Me gusta

24 feb 2022

Thank you for another gift of love and longing.

Me gusta

margarita meyendorff
margarita meyendorff
23 feb 2022

So visual, so beautiful, so sad...

Me gusta
23 feb 2022
Contestando a

Thank you, Mourka!

Me gusta

Lauren DeRosa
Lauren DeRosa
23 feb 2022

Oh man, you really got me at the last moment with the hawk on the swingset and the unseen breeze. so Killer. I liked everything before too but that was a real little whip crack!

Me gusta
23 feb 2022
Contestando a

You da bomb, DeRosa!

Me gusta

23 feb 2022

Just checking to see if this works ...?

Me gusta
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